We Would Formally Like to Invite You to the Geneva II Syria Talks on…


Ah Iran.  So grumpy and put out over not being invited to the Geneva II talks.  So frustrated that you were invited to the talks, you felt like you were a big player, not just a two-bit wanna be who’s funding of terrorism got you to the big leagues.  Argh, so close to being relevant, but so far.  Right now Press TV is putting up articles stating that:

“Iran had never asked for participation in the Geneva II conference on Syria, and was not eager to attend the event. They invited the country because they knew that the Syrian crisis could not be resolved without Iran’s presence.”

C’mon guys, you knew you wanted it, you know you needed it, and you are upset you didn’t get it.  But why did this happen? Clearly it’s all the United States fault right? Let’s check out CNN:

“The last-minute invitation to Iran, a leading Syrian ally, had threatened to derail the talks after the leading Syrian opposition group poke out against it”

Wait, you mean, the people you’ve been helping to kill don’t want your help? WHAT?! That’s madness! Except it’s not when you consider that Syria would have been solved two years ago if not for Iranian intervention. That without Iranian fighters and funds, Assad would have lost against his secular opposition BEFORE the terrorist networks got involved.  But no, Iran will live in its own little fantasy land about being big and bad, and will convince themselves that they were not invited ONLY because of America.

But let’s be honest, it’s because the Mullahs are the scum of the Earth.




HAPPY DEATH TO AMERICA DAY!?…yes it’s a thing.

Even we get swamped at work sometimes, and last week was a doozy.  But we feel remiss for missing yesterday’s festivities in Tehran.  For those of you unfamiliar with our favorite Mullahs, yesterday was “DEATH TO AMERICA DAY!” in Tehran, meaning that the IRGC and Basij rounded folks from their homes and had them march in a giant, hate fueled rally (which is what happens when people don’t have Facebook to occupy their time).

Apparently “tens of thousands” of protesters showed up to demonstrate their commitment to…well death to America.  The festivities were highlighted by two brand news songs about, you guessed it, death to America being debuted by the Revolutionary Guard, and of course the customary burning of cheaply made American flags (as is tradition).

Which brings us to our point.  Why?

Why talk to leadership that doesn’t even try to pretend that they respect us?

Why trust leadership that encourages our destruction?

Why trust leadership that acts as the innocent party while killing innocents in Syria?

And why expect change when the Ayatollah clearly wants to continue the brainwashing of Iranian society?

The answers to these questions? Well, what do you think?

We already knew this…

But it still bears mentioning that BBC and CBS have run a piece on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and their obvious and overt support for the evil regime of Bashear al-Assad.

Watch the videos, and decide what you think of Iran’s new moderate stances, especially when you consider who they’re attacking.

Links below:

The Old-http://security.blogs.cnn.com/2012/08/14/pentagon-iran-training-pro-regime-militias-in-syria/

Aaaaand the New-http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-24748143


Moderate Eh?

80 lashings (That’s with a whip mind you) was the punishment given to four Iranian Christians for being caught with Communion wine in Iran.  The men were caught in a raid on their home church (so called because it’s literally in someone’s house), then arrested, and found guilty of breaking Sharia law, and punished “appropriately.”

Question: How many times has Iran said that it is religiously tolerant?  How many times do we hear that Iran is far better at treating its minorities than the West?  HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HEAR THAT IRAN IS PEACEFUL, SUPERIOR, AND OPEN?!

A lot.  I see comments every day that sing Iran’s praises, that claim that there is religious freedom, and equality.

Well we know that’s a load of bunk.  Especially when you consider how Iran has been flaring sectarian violence not only in Syria-but Nigeria of all places as well.  The concept of Iranian tolerance and moderation is an absolute joke, the same way their claims of bringing stability to a troubled region are.

The Mullahs time is coming, and should they continue to kill Sunni Arabs, imprison old Baha’i men, and whip Christians practicing in their homes, they’ll have a real problem on their hands.

Links Below…



And it Keeps Getting Worse.


This news out of Syria today.  While no one points the blame on heinous actions such as this, we’re fairly confident that the root of this stems from Government forces backed by Iran.  The description of the targets running from the Government held portions of Aleppo to the rebel side for food, medical supplies, and clothing is too similar to what the government snipers were doing during the initial aspects of the Syrian Revolution to think that this is the Rebels targeting Government supporters.

Let’s hope for a speedy end, and for the good guys to win out on this one.  That is should our friendly Mullahs from Iran not send more troops, weapons, and cash to Assad.

At Least SOMEONE Is Taking Note

At Least SOMEONE Is Taking Note

This kind of thing is what we can’t let the Mullahs get away with.  Be it in Iraq, Syria, or Iran, massacres such as the one that happened in September should not be a common occurrence.  I only hope that this is a step in the right direction to save people of all nationalities under the thumbs of evil, and cruel Mullahs.