Can We Trust the Twelvers?

A great piece on Twelvers and Shia Islam as well. And this brings up a valid question, if the Supreme Leader does believe the end is near, what is to stop him from hastening its coming? For some reason, people who are favorable to the deal claim that Iran is rational, but if radical Twelvers do control the uppermost portion of society, it appears that they would embrace the end of the world, meaning that nuclear weapons are the last thing we want them to have.


In late November, the world learned that an interim nuclear agreement had been reached in Geneva between the P5 +1 countries–the five UN Security Council members plus Germany–and Iran. Under the terms of the agreement, Iran has agreed to dilute its stockpile of 20 percent enriched uranium to no more than 5 percent enriched uranium. In return, Iran will gain access to previously blocked overseas funds valued at $7 billion. Access to these funds will be linked to Iran’s progress in completing the dilution process. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will monitor and verify Iran’s compliance with the terms of the accord.

It would be a profound relief to think that, with this agreement, the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran has been eliminated. But unless Iran’s leadership has given up its ‘Twelver’ eschatology along with its right to enrich uranium to whatever level it so chooses, the threat that…

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Hillary Clinton Discussed U.S. Approval of an Israeli Strike On Iran

While some may peg this as being too Warmongery, in all honesty, it’s part of geo-political strategy. Iran with a bomb is a source of concern for many in the region, and should their antics continue, we may find ourselves wishing that we had fought sooner rather than later.


Midway through Barack Obama’s first term as president, U.S. officials grew alarmed that Israel might launch a unilateral air strike against Iran’s nuclear program. Iran had snubbed Obama’s outreach after the 2008 election, and rejected an October 2009 international proposal to ship most of its enriched uranium out of the country—stirring pessimism about prospects for a future breakthrough.

“Militarily, I thought we needed to prepare for a possible Israeli attack and Iranian retaliation,” former Defense Secretary Robert Gates writes in his new memoir, Duty. At a January 2010 Oval Office meeting, Gates told Obama “he needed to consider the ramifications of a no-warning Israeli attack,” including whether the U.S. would assist Israel and how it would respond to Iranian retaliation.

(MORE:Hillary Clinton’s Unapologetically Hawkish Record Faces 2016 Test)

Around the same time, senior officials met to discuss ways the U.S. might dissuade Israeli Prime Minister from…

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Thank you Supreme Leader.  Without the vigilant dedication of IRGC forces under your command, clearly the world would have been taken over by tall, evil, white aliens decades ago.  Fars News and its dedicated reporting of these tumultuous times and the terrifying threat of Mach 10, green glowing, UFOs of Doom has been a Godsend to us in the West who don’t here these stories from our alien run government.

But in all seriousness, why are we negotiating with a bunch of Islamo-Facist Mullahs who think we’re run by space aliens who helped the Nazis build submarines in the 1930s?

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Faith Groups Expect Arrests at White House Demonstrations for Persecuted Pastor

What are we doing to save an American citizen?  Forget all the religious aspects of this case, we know Iran is an Islamic State, we know that maybe he shouldn’t have gone there, we know that it’s their right to imprison him.

But let’s look at this in the context of American values.

Here in the States, we believe in Freedom of Speech, we believe in Freedom of Religion, we believe in EQUAL Rights Under the Law, we believe in Fair Trials and the Right to an Attorney.

The Mullahs don’t believe in any of those things, their beliefs are the antithesis of the American way, a way we’ve had hundreds of thousands of Americans die for, a way that we’ve spread across the world to cheers and acclaim. But Iran, as run by the Mullahs, doesn’t believe in that, yet we’re trying to make a connection based on our values.

Let’s stop playing nice, let’s stop pretending, and let’s stop and think. How should we deal with the Mullahs? How about this, how about we deal with them by their values.

We threaten, we cajole, we insult, we fund attacks, we find loopholes in negotiations, we fund their opposition to regional dominance.

Let’s stop playing by our rules, and start playing by theirs, We’ll have FAR better results.


A New Iraqi Civil War

A New Iraqi Civil War.


What an excellent and well thought out piece on the ongoing situation in Iraq.  Our first instinct at TMP is to blame Prime Minister Maliki for the threat of sectarian and religious violence, as he has been at the forefront of curtailing the rights of  Sunni Iraqis since his first days in office.  But further digging shows that he’s not really in control of his own country.  In truth it appears as though his strings are being pulled by the Mullahs in Tehran.  This goes to show how deep and ingrained Iran is within Shia politicians in Iraq, because even with U.S. aid and assistance, they clearly would rather antagonize their minority populations like Iran, rather than attempt to work with them in a meaningful manner.

We’ll have to wait and see if any of his statements about rapprochement with the Sunnis comes to pass.


Time for U.S. to embrace Syria’s Kurds

Wait…you mean embrace the group that has been fighting for its existence for the past few hundred years that despises radical Islamists and Mullahs equally? By jove, I think someone has the right idea. Push for supporting groups that are actually FIGHTING against the evils of the region, rather than just giving the Mullahs whatever they want. Maybe a strategy like this will give us an advantage against Iran, as no one wants separatist groups being funded by the U.S. on their border.

Global Public Square

By Mutlu Civiroglu, Special to CNN

Editor’s note: Mutlu Civiroglu is a Washington, DC based-journalist and Kurdish affairs analyst focusing on Syria and Turkey. You can follow him @mutludc. The views expressed are the writer’s own.

The United States has been searching for an ally in Syria since the uprising began in March 2011. But while the exiled opposition coalitions have been dogged by infighting and a lack of real influence inside Syria, and the armed opposition within the country is rife with extremists, Washington has been ignoring a natural and potentially valuable ally: the Kurds.

Kurds administer the most stable, peaceful corner of Syria, and have been open in trying to secure better relations with the West. Yet despite this, there is little to speak of in terms of ties. It is time for Washington to accept that if it wants to eventually see a peaceful, pluralistic Syria…

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Iran? Destabilizing a Neighboring Country? Never!

From Gulf Daily News:

Iran’s support for terror is the smoking gun…

Posted on » Wednesday, January 08, 2014

In recent days, videos were released showing the capture of one boat shipping known Bahraini terrorists to Iran; and another boat travelling from Iran to Bahrain loaded with explosives and weapons.

These led to the discovery of several ammunition stores, loaded with explosives, and the uncovering of a number of bombing plots. This coincides with the submission of evidence concerning the co-ordination of these terrorist operations from inside Iran.

Bahraini national, Ali Ahmed Mafoudh Al Moussawi, based in Iran, stands accused of “planning to commit terrorist acts and plant explosives targeting vital installations and sovereign and security locations in the Kingdom of Bahrain”.

According to this evidence, Al Moussawi was involved in recruitment, training and weapons-smuggling operations, with the objective of committing terrorist acts inside Bahrain.

Surveillance of the actions of Al Moussawi’s group led them to being caught in the act of receiving a boat loaded with weapons and explosives.

The seized items included a large quantity of explosives and detonators, 50 hand grenades, PK automatic weapons and 1,023 rounds of ammunition. Many of these munitions were labelled as being of Iranian and Syrian origin. The homes of some of the accused were found to contain weapons and explosives.

According to the Public Prosecution, the detained individuals testified that they “joined the group to carry out their plans and commit terrorist acts with religious motivations… They also confessed that they had travelled to Iran and received training by Iranian personnel at Iranian Revolutionary Guard camps.”

These detailed testimonies explained the roles of Al Moussawi and Iranian officials in planning and executing these operations; as well as detailing operations to smuggle further weaponries by sea with the use of an Iraqi crew.

“Those instructions also included concealing the smuggled weapons, explosives and tools until the zero hour, to be used at that time in carrying out their plans, targeting vital, sovereign and security installations and assassinating certain figures.”

For those who continue to doubt the role of Iran in stirring up violence, instability and terrorism in Bahrain, the weight of evidence presented here leaves little doubt.

This new evidence follows information submitted about the role of Hizbollah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in backing a wave of terrorist operations during late 2012 and early 2013.

The evidence precisely fits the pattern of Iranian interference and support for terrorist groups in countries like Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

Senior Western officials, diplomats and security experts have also stated that there is a growing body of evidence in support of Iranian backing for terrorism in Bahrain. We have previously discussed in detail the role of Iranian media outlets in stirring up sectarian violence in Bahrain.

Given Iran’s support for massacres in Syria and recent assassinations in Lebanon, at the very least we should be expecting to see condemnation at the UN Security Council of Iranian terrorism in Bahrain and the region.

If America and the West want to improve ties with Iran, this should not be at the expense of condoning Iranian terrorism in the Middle East.

We will await with interest the international reactions to this critical evidence of Iran’s role in terrorism inside Bahrain. Citizens for Bahrain.