We Would Formally Like to Invite You to the Geneva II Syria Talks on…


Ah Iran.  So grumpy and put out over not being invited to the Geneva II talks.  So frustrated that you were invited to the talks, you felt like you were a big player, not just a two-bit wanna be who’s funding of terrorism got you to the big leagues.  Argh, so close to being relevant, but so far.  Right now Press TV is putting up articles stating that:

“Iran had never asked for participation in the Geneva II conference on Syria, and was not eager to attend the event. They invited the country because they knew that the Syrian crisis could not be resolved without Iran’s presence.”

C’mon guys, you knew you wanted it, you know you needed it, and you are upset you didn’t get it.  But why did this happen? Clearly it’s all the United States fault right? Let’s check out CNN:

“The last-minute invitation to Iran, a leading Syrian ally, had threatened to derail the talks after the leading Syrian opposition group poke out against it”

Wait, you mean, the people you’ve been helping to kill don’t want your help? WHAT?! That’s madness! Except it’s not when you consider that Syria would have been solved two years ago if not for Iranian intervention. That without Iranian fighters and funds, Assad would have lost against his secular opposition BEFORE the terrorist networks got involved.  But no, Iran will live in its own little fantasy land about being big and bad, and will convince themselves that they were not invited ONLY because of America.

But let’s be honest, it’s because the Mullahs are the scum of the Earth.




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