The Terrorist IRI Regime Becomes an Ally of US to fight Against Al Qaeda

The Erdbrink article was a good piece on how America has failed the region. We’ve failed to build a strong Iraq, failed to stop Iran, and now are failing to properly identify our enemies. If this continues we’ll see real problems in the region, like Iranian puppet states stretching all the way to the Mediterranean. DID does a great job at pointing out the hypocrisy of working with Iran, because if it wasn’t for their meddling in Iraq, we might have a stable state instead of an Iranian puppet.

Defending Iranian Democracy (DID)

You may laugh it out loud because it is more like a joke, but it is not!APTOPIX Mideast Iraq.JPEG-0bba4

It wasn’t too far back that US State Department has described Iran as an “active State sponsor of terrorism”. In fact United States has Listed Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization and has penalized most of its leaders. But now that the United States has become embarrassed internationally due to its confounded Mideast foreign policy run by an incapable and inefficient President and its administration, the Iranian theocratic terrorist regime becomes a cooperative friend in the region that can help U.S. to fight Al Qaeda!!

 Why not? Before the IRI terrorists has helped U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan to convert those countries into war zones as the world has witnessed. The exit of US forces from Iraq was actually a boost for the IRGC to spread turmoil in the area…

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