With Friends Like These – Iranian ME Diplomacy (part 3)

This is a great piece on Iran’s attempts at diplomacy in the Mid East. Apparently the saber rattling was getting old so as most of you know they switched to a “charm offensive” that has seen some success with governments throughout the world. But as this post points out (quite well we might add) it’s a load of bull as Iran has been caught tampering in Bahrain. Which when you think about it is pretty impressive as they’re funding terrorists or dictators in Bahrain, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon all at the same time. I highly recommend you all follow this blog, as this is just a snippet of the great work that Shadow Diplomacy does.

Shadow Diplomacy


Bahrain Needs “Concrete Steps”

Following the Geneva deal in November, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif embarked on his “charm offensive” road trip in the region. The tour to Kuwait, Oman and Qatar finally included the UAE (“what unites us is far greater than our minor differences“) but significantly excluded Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifaadmitted on December 7th that, although there has been a “change in Iranian language”, there still is no “clear change of policy”. He added that Bahrain’s fears of Iranian “interferences with internal affairs and supporting terrorist groups” in the Gulf countries are alive and that he is still waiting for “concrete steps” by Tehran to prove that the change in diplomacy is real.

Within three weeks, Al Khalifa witnessed concrete steps – in the opposite direction: Bahraini authorities foiled Iranian-backed attempts of terror and…

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