A Bit of Advice to the Mullahs in Tehran….

Pot meet Kettle, Kettle meet Pot.

Listen guys, don’t go around telling Sisi and the Egyptian military what to do when it comes to pro-Democracy movements, or peaceful protests, or violent uprisings, or well anything really.  Egypt will handle it’s issues with a eye towards the justice that would be meted out by the West, and knows that it’s actions are being watched and judged, not only by outside observers, but by the citizens who protested to put them in power over an authoritarian leaning Brotherhood regime.  For some reason, there’s a feeling that you all are not very good with peaceful (2009 ring any bells?) or violent (that lovely little massacre in 1988) protests, and honestly would be the last person anyone should go to for advice.

So in short, shut your gobs, and let reasonable, rational leaders handle their own constituents without your meddling (we’ve already seen how Syria has turned out).





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