The Stars Are Aligned on Iran

We’re hoping the talks go back to zero. With nothing done on the Human Rights front, the Syrian Civil War, or the funding of terrorism throughout the region. Iran essentially is getting the better part of this deal. Unless we see real progress in the next few months, it’s just going to look as though the P5+1 has been bamboozled again, making them the laughingstock of minor powers like Iran. We’ll be posting more on this at our sister site M.A.D. Mullahs, stay tuned!


Everyone needs to take a deep breath before rushing to judgment on the agreement reached with Iran on Sunday. It sets nothing in stone. If at the end of six months neither side is satisfied, the worse that can happen is talks go back to zero. But the real reason we need to give it a try is because if there was ever a time to test Iran’s true intentions, it’s now. The stars might be aligned just right.

For a start, Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, is the man with whom to make a deal. Unlike his two predecessors, he’s an insider with close, long-standing ties to the hardliners in Iran’s national security establishment. In fact, from his time as national security adviser, he was one of them. He’s also genuinely close to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. In other words, if we’re able to reach a permanent deal…

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