Majority Leader Eric Cantor: President Obama Should Abandon This Terrible Deal with Iran

This is a valid point by Cantor. Iran is taking advantage, and the last thing we need, is to let them succeed. C’mon we want freedom for the Iranian people, not another decade of slavery to the Mullahs!


The Obama Administration’s disengagement from the Middle East has damaged America’s credibility and risked our security, and nowhere is that more evident than with the ongoing challenge of Iran.

For five years, Administration policies have strained relationships with key allies, contributed to instability in a region long essential to American and global security, and emboldened our nation’s adversaries. Look at Syria. After President Obama’s Syrian policy collapsed before the world’s eyes, we lost the trust of valued allies and were scorned by adversaries.

As a result, it is harder today to combat Iran’s destabilizing activities throughout the region and prevent its determined drive towards nuclear capability. Our allies who watched the United States back down in Syria worry that the credibility of our military option against Iran has been eroded, and fear he will cut a bad deal with Iran. They have good reason to worry.

The details…

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