HAPPY DEATH TO AMERICA DAY!?…yes it’s a thing.

Even we get swamped at work sometimes, and last week was a doozy.  But we feel remiss for missing yesterday’s festivities in Tehran.  For those of you unfamiliar with our favorite Mullahs, yesterday was “DEATH TO AMERICA DAY!” in Tehran, meaning that the IRGC and Basij rounded folks from their homes and had them march in a giant, hate fueled rally (which is what happens when people don’t have Facebook to occupy their time).

Apparently “tens of thousands” of protesters showed up to demonstrate their commitment to…well death to America.  The festivities were highlighted by two brand news songs about, you guessed it, death to America being debuted by the Revolutionary Guard, and of course the customary burning of cheaply made American flags (as is tradition).

Which brings us to our point.  Why?

Why talk to leadership that doesn’t even try to pretend that they respect us?

Why trust leadership that encourages our destruction?

Why trust leadership that acts as the innocent party while killing innocents in Syria?

And why expect change when the Ayatollah clearly wants to continue the brainwashing of Iranian society?

The answers to these questions? Well, what do you think?


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