Moderate Eh?

80 lashings (That’s with a whip mind you) was the punishment given to four Iranian Christians for being caught with Communion wine in Iran.  The men were caught in a raid on their home church (so called because it’s literally in someone’s house), then arrested, and found guilty of breaking Sharia law, and punished “appropriately.”

Question: How many times has Iran said that it is religiously tolerant?  How many times do we hear that Iran is far better at treating its minorities than the West?  HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HEAR THAT IRAN IS PEACEFUL, SUPERIOR, AND OPEN?!

A lot.  I see comments every day that sing Iran’s praises, that claim that there is religious freedom, and equality.

Well we know that’s a load of bunk.  Especially when you consider how Iran has been flaring sectarian violence not only in Syria-but Nigeria of all places as well.  The concept of Iranian tolerance and moderation is an absolute joke, the same way their claims of bringing stability to a troubled region are.

The Mullahs time is coming, and should they continue to kill Sunni Arabs, imprison old Baha’i men, and whip Christians practicing in their homes, they’ll have a real problem on their hands.

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