Why Ayatollah Boroujerdi can not be allowed to die in Iran

We don’t often talk about good Mullahs here, because they tend to be difficult to find. But this is different, a man who truly embraces separation between mosque and state, who actually desires a free Iran. No wonder he’s been locked up by the Supreme Leader. Good Luck Ayatollah Boroujerdi!

Iranian Refugees Action Network

Dr Gill Gillespie, UK DirectorAyatollah Boroujerdi


Some of our readers may be concerned that we are writing on behalf of an Iranian Ayatollah.  After all, our refugees have suffered greatly at the hands of the Iran regime, which is ruled with an iron fist by Islamist clerics.  Indeed, its ‘Supreme Leader’ is Ayatollah Khamenei.  There are, however, some clerics in Iran who firmly believe in the separation of religion from politics, and, as a consequence, have been severely punished for it.    A few Ayatollahs have even criticized the gross human rights violations committed by Khamenei and the Iran regime.  Grand Ayatollah Montazeri was one, and Hossein Boroujderdi is another of these brave men.


Montazeri was next in line to be ‘Supreme Leader ‘ in Iran after Khomenei.  His campaign for human rights and, in particular, better treatment of the opponents of the Islamic republic in prisons, however, brought him…

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