Facing Calls for Diplomacy, Many Syrian Rebels Reject Talks With Assad Regime

I wish the fighters in Syria well, fighting against a totalitarian regime, backed by a totalitarian regime is no easy task. Hopefully their continued resistance will gain some traction and they’ll get a victory and a chance at a democratic society, without interference from radical Sunni groups or Tehran.


Just back from the front, where he watched his rebel-commander father die in a rocket attack launched by the Syrian army, Berri al-Hamad stalks the worn carpet of his family’s temporary refuge in Lebanon, swearing vengeance. His head wrapped in his father’s beanie, knitted by his grandmother with the red stars and black-and-green stripes of the revolutionary Syrian flag, Berri aims an imaginary AK-47. “Oh, Bashar,” he growls at his distant enemy, Syrian President Bashar Assad, “you killed my father. I will not rest until you are dead. I will kill every one of your soldiers with my gun.”

Berri is 4 years old. His is not the uncomprehending bravado of a toddler mimicking violent cartoons — he was the first to kiss his father’s bloodied face when fellow fighters pulled the body of Hassan al-Hamad out of the shattered remains of the ad hoc ambulance he had been driving…

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