Well This Must Be Awkward

Nieuwsuur, a Dutch news agency, recently broke a huge story given to them by members of the Free Syrian Army.  Why was the story so important?  Mainly because it was footage that captured Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers on the ground fighting with Assad’s militiamen and soldiers….

It doesn’t get better than this.

The footage, viewed here (via the New York Times) shows an interview with an IRGC commander about the war in Syria, why he believes it’s a holy war, the casual racism of his soldiers, and his belief that all non believers are evil in this war.  Considering that Assad’s forces keep claiming to be the ones protecting the religious minorities in the contry, I think that’s a pretty far stretch to assume that he’s just talking about the rebels.  

Now according to the Iranians, these soldiers are only there to train Syrian militia forces, provide logistical support, and help rebuild areas affected by the war, sounds innocent enough.  But the videos show IRGC forces armed for bear and going out on patrol with Syrian militiamen and soldiers, one of the videos actually shows the IRGC in a firefight with the rebels.  

So for all of the talk regarding peaceful use of military force in the region it turns out Tehran lied, and its soldiers are directly involved in the fighting in Syria.  However, we here at TMP were already kind of guessing that more was going on.  There was one thing that struck us here though, a side comment made by an IRGC soldier while driving through a once abandoned town.  

Soldier one: “When we came there was no human being, the town was deserted”

Soldier two: (interrupting) “There are still no human being here, only Arabs”

Good luck Syria, some of your saviors appear to be wolves in sheep’s clothing.


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