We’re pretty sure most of those interested in IR and Middle Eastern issues have heard that today President Obama has decided to loosen sanctions on Iran.  Now some think this is great, that some good ol’ fashioned detente will ensue, people will hug it out, and Iran will no longer be a threat to the stability of such a troubled region.

Well good on you!

Now since we write for a site called “The Mullah Problem” we’re more than a little doubtful that this will end up being the case.  Considering that Iran has a list of human rights violations longer than the Nile, funds extremist groups (look we’re being all political now!), and has blatantly called for the destruction of Western countries and individuals, we’re not convinced playing soccer against the Iranians will do much good.  Especially when you think about the strings they’re still pulling in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, and the innocent people who suffer for it.

Here’s hoping that someday Iranians can choose leaders not prepackaged by the Ayatollah and Guardian Council.


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