Weekend Update

I was able to watch Argo for the first time this weekend.  It was a great movie, good tension, likable characters, an engaging story, etc.  But what struck me was how easy it was for people to get swept up in revolutionary fervor, and their willingness to attack their own neighbors.  

What’s even more surprising, is that those same people are doing the same things. Revolutionary Guard members from the ’79 revolution are now commanders, and former student revolutionaries are now professor or mullahs themselves.  You would think that the amount of violence they saw from the Shah, would make them want to do the opposite, to right the wrongs that they suffered from all those decades ago…

But there are still people hanging from cranes in Tehran.


Mulling on the Mullahs

Since we’ve just gotten started here at TMP, I’d like to start out with some thoughts on what I’m sure will be our favorite regime in the region.

Drumroll please….


Being the only Theocracy in the Middle East, and seated upon the remains of the once great Persian Empire, Iran is a pretty interesting place, that is if you like sham elections, fanatical militias, and a penchant for terrorism.

Iran wasn’t always this way, but after one revolution that placed an evil King (or Shah if you prefer) in command, the country suffered a second round of upheavals that led to the Theocratic Dictatorship of the Ayatollah Khomeini.  Khomeini is best known for preaching about a new secular government free of religious interference…then turning around and arresting and executing his secular allies.

Today Iran’s Mullahs actively send their Revolutionary Guards across the Middle East, causing death and destruction wherever they show their faces.  In Lebanon, Hezbollah funded by Iran terrorizes their Sunni and Christian neighbors.  In Syria Iranian Revolutionary Guards support the brutal Assad regime as he attempts to deny the popular will of his people.  In Iraq, Revolutionary Guards actively propped up militia groups responsible for bombing both Christian and Muslim religious places.  In short, the Mullahs are actively seeking to destabilize the region all while protesting their innocence and it’s becoming rather tiresome.

Congratulations to the Ayatollah and the Guardian Council of Iran for becoming our first post, with many more about their atrocities and destructive tendencies to follow.

First Post-A Little About Us

In Islam, a Mullah is traditionally a learned man, one who has studied Islamic law to its fullest extent and uses his knowledge to guide his people.  In the golden age of the great Caliphates, these men were poets, scientists, scholars, warriors, and philosophers.  Today however, it seems more and more that the term Mullah is attached to brutal, sadistic, and selfish radicals and dictators, who seek to beat down the masses, instead of uplifting them.  Well we’re here to fight that.  Our goal is to point out those leaders, both Mullah and Secular, who are tarnishing the reputation of great Middle Eastern leaders from the past and show to the world how they have manipulated both a sacred doctrine and their followers to serve more self-interested purposes.  Please follow and help spread the word.